Steve Kaire holds a Master's Degree in Dramatic Writing. For his thesis, he wrote and directed the short film "The Puppeteer" .


Steve has sold 8 projects on spec without representation to the major studios including Warners, Columbia, and United Artists. He's an expert in High Concept and his definition of the term is considered to be the industry standard.


Being a sought after speaker on the lecture circuit, he's given seminars from coast-to-coast. He was fortunate enough to get voted a "Star Speaker" 3 years in a row at Screenwriters Expo, the largest screenwriting conference in the country. He's also on the Advisory Committee for the Scriptwriters Network in Los Angeles.


Steve has taught writing classes at the prestigious American Film Institute in Hollywood. And he's one of only 55 screenwriters to be asked to contribute monthly articles to ScriptMag, the most prominent online screenwriting community with over 250,000 readers. You can see Steve in action on The Tonight Show's "Pitching to America" with Jay Leno. He has been working with and assisting writers since 2002.


His latest book, "Extraordinary Quotations to Transform Your Life" is a remarkable collection of enlightening quotes meant to inspire and motivate.



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